Wedding Reception Ideas

Couples planning a wedding put so much thought, time and effort into their wedding ceremony and reception that sometimes, effective wedding entertainment ideas can be overlooked. Aside from ensuring that there is music for the reception, some couples may not give wedding reception ideas for entertainment a second thought. Yet every couple wants their ceremony and reception to be an enjoyable experience for their guests – as well as for themselves – providing memories they will treasure for years to come.

Wedding magicians like professional illusionist Ed Clarke offer entertainment for a wedding reception that will enchant and delight guests, turning a wedding reception into a fun and memorable occasion for everyone involved. Ed Clarke employs his professional and personal charm to entertain guests, using a natural discernment, fine-tuned through years of experience, to ascertain which guests would enjoy becoming part of a magical effect, leaving those who would prefer to remain a spectator relaxed and at ease.

Ed Clarke specialises in “close-up” magic, a form of magic that provides particularly engaging wedding entertainment ideas for receptions. As a close-up magician, Mr. Clarke creates illusions that can be performed in intimate settings, strolling among the guests or wandering from table to table, rather than relying on larger-scale productions that require a stage, elaborate props and extensive set-up time. With magical effects using everyday objects – perhaps some borrowed from the guests themselves – a close-up magician astounds observers with magic performed right before their eyes.

Using sleight-of-hand coin and card magical effects, as well as mind reading illusions, Ed Clarke will leave onlookers wide-eyed in wonder. Spectators react with questions, asked between gasps of laughter. How could you possibly know that? What in the world? How did you do that? Mr. Clarke’s illusions will spark conversation, enlivening receptions with fun and energy. When it becomes challenging to come up with unique and original wedding reception ideas, wedding magicians like Ed Clarke offer enchanting solutions.