Wedding Magician Cornwall

I have had the great privilege of being hired as a Wedding Magician in Cornwall hundreds of times. It truly is a magical experience getting to be a part of the best day of a couples lives, so in turn I want to make this event as magical as I possibly can. When I get hired as a Wedding Magician in Cornwall I have this feeling of excitement running through my whole body probably just as much as the bride and groom themselves. I dig deep into my box of tricks to find the effects that may be a little more difficult or may have a larger set up time but they work so well at weddings. For example a great effect by Doc Eason called the Anniversary waltz where the bride selects a card and signs it – the groom then selects a card and also signs it. They are placed back into the deck and shuffled to then discover that the 2 cards have merged into one which creates a great wedding gift and memory of 2 people uniting into one great family. The feeling that I see in peoples facial expressions is indescribable. To be classed as a wedding magician is one of the greatest gifts in my life and I look forward to entertaining at your Wedding in Cornwall.

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