Wedding Ideas

Soon-to-be-brides are always searching for ways to make their weddings unique, not simply for the sake of novelty, but to create a memorable experience, with wedding ideas that makes the special day one that they will treasure forever. A fresh approach to colour can help, as can a creative approach to lighting. The most memorable weddings may be those that combine both.

While there are more colour options than there are colours in the rainbow, some effective combinations typically get overlooked. Various shades of one hue are popular, as are themes with analogous colours, such as green-blue or plum-red themes, but many are timid about trying a complementary theme. Complementary colours are those that oppose each other on the colour wheel, like red-green or yellow-purple. Opposing colours in pastels shades can be strikingly effective for weddings. Consider rose and sage green, lilac with pale yellow, or sky blue and apricot. Use one of the colours predominantly, the other as accent.

One of the most overlooked aspects of a wedding is lighting. Yet, effective lighting can not only make the bride look her best, but can create the right atmosphere for the ceremony, as well as set the perfect mood for the wedding reception. Ceremonies and receptions held in marquees, especially, need careful lighting to establish the correct ambience. Soft light is the most flattering for the bride and groom and their guests. Lighting designers not only provide illumination for visibility, but illumination for atmosphere, with everything from crystal chandeliers to equipment that will project the couple’s intertwined initials onto the reception dance floor.

Less elaborate – and less costly – lighting effects can be achieved with candles, LEDs or by stringing white wire lights – all will cast a gentle light throughout the venue. For venues with glass windows, imbue your colour scheme with light with this clever faux-stained glass effect. Purchase photography gels from a photo supply store. Simply press them against the glass – they will cling of their own accord. Fit the gels into individual panes of glass, or cut them into shapes of your own design.