Wedding Entertainment Cornwall

There are so many different types of Wedding entertainment in Cornwall it can be quite overwhelming deciding what is best for your perfect wedding. Over the years I have performed magic at hundreds of weddings and have found that the biggest concern that the bride and groom have are that the two different families’ don’t all know each other; often feeling somewhat excluded from the event. Another area to consider is what the guests do in the transition period between the wedding reception and having the photos taken. This is where I have been a huge hit for Wedding entertainment in Cornwall; offering a fully interactive show to the guests that works extremely well with audience participation, I have found, to be the best way to keep the “Magic” going. Magic is a form of entertainment that is great for all age groups. I have spent over 10 years perfecting a intimate routine that is perfect for Wedding entertainment – perfect in one sense that my humour is mild enough for weddings, but always gets everyone in the spirit of things.

Other types of Cornwall Wedding Entertainment that have always been a great hit at weddings that I have attended are:

  • If there are many children attending, consider getting a entertainer that is specifically for children. I recommend Tarquin – he is great with kids and will keep them occupied for hours with his fully interactive entertainment so you and your guests can enjoy catching up with friends and family.
  • I usually see a pianist at weddings in Cornwall playing background music – it creates a very nice ambiance.

I hope this wedding entertainment Cornwall guide helps you find the perfect entertainment for your Wedding in Cornwall.


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    I was just wondering how much you would charge for a wedding on the 25 june this year.
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