Wedding Decoration Ideas

Decorating for a wedding and reception can be challenging for couples already buried in wedding planning and preparations. Yet the right decorations can turn a wedding day into a grand occasion, transforming even the most underwhelming venue into a festive environment. When it comes to wedding decoration ideas, here are a few tips that may inspire you.

Since brides put the most thought into selecting a bridal gown, taking design cues from your wedding dress can inspire an effective decorative theme. If the bridal gown is Royal Wedding chic, for example, that may indicate that simple, classic, quality decorations are in order. You can add a personal flair to classic decorations with a signature colour accent, repeated throughout the venue.

For romantic weddings, candles and glass can have a glimmering effect – and can help a smaller venue seem larger. Expand upon the effect with the addition of mirrors placed on tables or hung with wide swaths of ribbon in frames. To cool the look down a notch, float candles in bowls of water alongside floating water lilies. Potted lily plants placed around the room will echo the effect.

Weddings with a contemporary feel have a wider range of decorative options. Exotic, tropical flowers and colours can provide a stunning counterpoint to a sleek, modern bridal gown. A contemporary style lends itself to the trending black-and-white decorative motif, too, a style that is also effective for brides on a budget. When contrast provides the main element of interest, even simple decorations gain importance and drama.

For garden weddings, or weddings with a natural theme, decorations that focus on natural materials can be striking. For an evening reception, twisting willow branches, decorated in white fairy lights can give a venue the look of an enchanted forest. For a daytime reception, white lattice entwined with lacy vines can give a similar look.

When considering wedding decoration ideas, look to your gown for inspiration. Select a theme and choose decorations that expand upon it. Imagination, not expense, is what makes wedding decorations memorable.

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