Staff Party Cornwall

Staff parties can be tricky business. While you want employees to relax and enjoy themselves, as a company representative, you are conscious at all times how important it is to respect and preserve the reputation of your business. You want a party that will help staff feel like they are a part of a community, reinforcing the overall value of your company.

What is needed for a staff party Cornwall – or anywhere else – is entertainment that will keep the party energized and fun until the last guest leaves. A party magician can accomplish this challenging trick with originality and panache. A professional party magician who is a master of “close-up” magic, those who specialise in working magic in intimate settings like staff parties, receptions and award ceremonies, can provide just the spark your staff party needs to keep it hopping.

Rather than depending on heavy-handed props, close up magic uses playing cards and coins, as well as everyday objects – some borrowed from the party guests themselves – to charm and delight your guests. Strolling from table to table, a close-up magician uses intuition and experience to easily perceive which guests will most enjoy participating in his feats of illusion. A close-up magician’s sleight-of-hand magical effects will baffle and astound participants and spectators alike.

From the first illusion, excitement will build and your party’s energy will kick into high gear. The conversation will turn towards magic, and guests will gather around to see more. Participants usually respond to mind-reading magical effects with gasps of astonishment, followed by delighted laughter. Work tensions slide away as staff relaxes and joins in the fun.

It can take some magic to turn a staff party into an event that can remind everyone that they are part of a team, that they are essential members of a community. A party that is memorable for all the right reasons helps. For a staff party that will keep the staff talking about it for weeks, a professional magician will provide all the magic you need.