Professional Magician

I guess it can be hard to distinguish what a Professional Magician is. I Consider myself as a Professional Magician as I am able to look into the clients needs. For example if I have been booked for a trade show I will take the time to research the company and find out what key points I need to know to help promote there product or service. Like wise if I have been booked for a Wedding I will need to know exactly what the Client wants, it is not always the same. Some shows I am asked to mingle around and just entertain where as other shows I am asked to try and concentrate on keeping the 2 families from fighting.

Another key point from what separates a Magician from a Professional Magician is having the ability to create a routine specifically for a situation instead of just doing the same tricks that the magician has been doing for the last 10 years.

I always believe that a Professional Magician needs to keep a specific style

What do I mean? Well if you are a magician that performs for children parties then focus your attention on what it is that make children happy and on the flip side if your a Magician that specialises in performing for an adult audience then really study what adults enjoy and take time to put yourself in the audiences shoes – Is the magic or comedy in your show designed to make them feel good or is it a manipulative type of humour that gets a cheap laugh that can make the audience feel uncomfortable.

In my opinion I think it helps to be versatile with the show you can offer. For example I Perform for an adult audience however I have leant many effects and some balloon modelling  that will cater for children that may be present at say a Wedding. But I would never consider myself as a professional children’s Magician. My experience is in performing for adults and that is why I consider myself as a Professional Magician for an adult audience.