Party Magician Hayle – St Ives

I have just got back from the birthday of Moira. I have been booked 3 times by this group and the first time was a challenge. Peter Eddy and his friend have had this ongoing joke with a bottle of wine. The bottle was a cheep bottle that was given as a present many many years ago, and the year after the gift it was then returned as a present back to his friend. This has been going on for about 20 years now and Peter asked me if I was able to incorporate it into my show… After a few weeks of ideas I came up with a great way called Mr Saturday night. Basically the trick consists of me getting someone on stage and introducing 6 envelopes, I state that in each envelope is a prize and that he needs to eliminate one envelope at a time and each one that he picks is the prize that he has just lost until there is only one left which would be the prize that he gets. Obviously the prizes that he lost were fantastic like a wonderful trip to New york with £1000 of spending money etc.. Until he revels the last prize which is a bottle of the finest wine in the world.. It was such a good reaction and he never expected it.

Always a pleasure to perform for such a good crowd.

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