Magician – London, Bristol

I was due to have a holiday in Lanzarote on the 15th and get some promotional material and perform some magic at the new resort called spice… I also had some meetings with other resorts to see about doing some seasonal work as a Magician. Unfortunately due to the volcanic ash the flights were cancelled and I was stranded in Gatwick airport. I had fun entertaining some of the others that had their flights cancelled. I got to change the flight for a few days later in Bristol airport so I stayed around my brother and his wife’s house. With a few days to kill I thought I would check out the Magic bar called illusions. It was fantastic, great art work on the wall outside with David Blaine, Harry Houdini and who I think was Derren Brown. Inside was very cosy and had a fantastic atmosphere with posters of all the legends in magic. They have live magic in a close up setting to the left of the bar. I ended up going on the performing stage area and did my routine with the bits and pieces I had in my pockets, it was great fun. I got to meet some of the local magicians and was talking about bringing my stand up parlour show there. It seems that close up magic is the way forward in the illusions bar and if you ever get to go there I would highly recommend it. In the end I gave up on the flights as they got postponed day by day but I had a super time meeting other magicians and having the opportunity to perform magic in London airport and in Bristol. I am hoping to get out into Lanzarote in May in between the Magic shows I have taken.

Magician in Bristol - Illusions bar

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