How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are small gifts and this is the perfect way of expressing your gratitude to the guests who participate in your wedding. Mostly, brides and grooms simply use their pictures, thank you notes, or donations to charitable organizations, etc., as wedding favors. You can use anything as wedding favours, so you can be more creative and can express yourself through these little gifts. If you wish that your wedding favors should be memorable and must have a personal touch, you should select them very carefully. How to choose the perfect wedding favors is one of the main questions most couples face. Here are some tips to select the best favours for your wedding.

Select a Wedding Theme

You can narrow down your search for a perfect wedding favour if you select a wedding theme. This can be selected on the basis of your cultural background, style, or personality. If you are selecting a beach-themed wedding, you can choose beach balls, sea shells, etc as wedding favours. Snow angels, snow men, snowflakes, etc can be used for wedding favours if you have a winter wonderland wedding. Favours are beneficial for sharing something special with your guests. So your guests will always remember the uniqueness of your wedding through the favours.

Selection of Colours

The colours of pictures should match your wedding venue. You can select green, yellow, and blue for a beach-themed wedding. Some strong colours like hot pink, electric blue, etc can also be selected.


Packaging has greater importance in attracting the minds of people. Some wedding favours are coming with nice wrappings or boxes, while some others need packaging for making it more presentable. You can select pouches or larger packaging instead of squeezing gifts in tight pouch or tiny packaging.

Set a Budget

There are a wide variety of favors such as edibles like cookies, chocolates, candies, mini cakes, etc. Practical favours include coffee cups, bottle stoppers, book marks, etc and decorative favours include vases, candles, ornaments, photo frames, etc. Themed favours, personalized message, pictures, etc are coming under the category of most popular favours. If you and your partner are thinking about green, you can select eco-friendly favours made from recycled materials. However, you should set a budget for your wedding so that you can find something which match your wedding theme and don’t cost the world.

Consider the Guests

How to choose the perfect cheap wedding favours will also be very confusing if you avoid the interests of guests so think about the receivers of your wedding favours. You can give separate favours to your family members, parents, friends, etc. Just think about the personality of guests and select the favours accordingly.

The price of personalized favours is a little bit higher. However, you can think about such favours when you are giving gifts to people who are very special to you. If you are going to give scented items, like sachet, it should be wrapped carefully and kept them away from dinner table. You can also use a favour table for keeping the favours carefully. The favours must also reflect your special event and you. It should definitely represent you, your spouse and your wedding day.

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