Falmouth Entertainer

I just got back from the party held at The Olive Grove near Falmouth. I had a great reception from the guests. To start the night I was asked to entertain the children which is how I first got into magic as Tarquin (A Children’s entertainer) asked me to perform at one of his kids parties that he was booked for. This was a shock for me as back then (12 years ago) I had only ever performed magic for friends and family. I soon got a buzz for performing magic and had loved it ever since. I started by doing some very visual magic followed by taking a young ladies watch from her wrist without her knowing and finished doing the childrens entertainer thing with some balloon animals. Then I did a 20 minute parlor magic show for the adults who loved it. I did see someone video recording the act and I will try and get this uploaded soon so that you can see a Falmouth Entertainer in action..