Entertainment Ideas

Whenever people gather for a special occasion, whether for a corporate affair or for a personal function, those planning the event are often left racking their brains, trying to come up with entertainment ideas that will make their event shine. Sometimes it can feel like it would take some magic to keep everyone entertained. And it can! Professional magician Ed Clarke will entertain and enchant your guests, leaving them talking about your event for weeks to come.

For receptions, office parties, award dinners, seminars and conventions, many businesses rely on stale, overused entertainment ideas that fail to impress, the last thing that businesses want in this economic climate. Corporations know that every business function provides an opportunity to expand their brand. With magical effects that charm and delight, Ed Clarke changes a “ho-hum” reaction into “Oh, wow!”

An expert sleight-of-hand artist, Ed Clarke specialises in “close-up” magic, which gives him the flexibility to wander among the crowd, using card and coin magical effects to engage guests to become part of the magic. His mindreading illusionary powers never fail to astound participants and spectators alike.

As an experienced close-up magician, Ed Clarke instinctively knows which guests will enjoy becoming part of the performance. Good-humored and personable, Mr. Clarke soon puts guests at their ease, charming guests with his personal charisma as much as with his magical effects. Often using items borrowed from the guests themselves, Ed Clarke’s illusions leave guests gasping in wonder and laughing with delight.

When it comes to wedding entertainment ideas, Ed Clarke conjures up an entertainment solution for wedding-related functions as well. Whether you are searching for wedding entertainment ideas for a reception, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding shower or a bachelor/bachelorette party, Mr. Clarke’s illusions are sure to astound and delight. When the vows have been recited, the rings exchanged and the union has been sealed with a kiss, a little magic from Ed Clarke can ensure a wedding reception is just as memorable as the wedding.