Entertainment – Culdrose air day

I was booked for the Culdrose summer ball which was great as I remember a few years back I was performing some close up magic and making some balloon models at a function and I saw one of the pilots and did a card trick to him which he thought went wrong, I came up with a comment

along the lines of:

Are you serious? The card your holding isn’t your card?
He said
I said
If I can find it your going to have to take me for a ride in the merlin Mark 1 helicopter
He agreed and I told him to look at the card he was holding. He freaked out and he actually took me out on the Helicopter – I couldn’t believe it. We went down to Portreath across Camborne over to Constantine where my parents live. It was amazing, the door was open and I was strapped from the ceiling so I could lean right out. Real Magic.

Unfortunately no helicopter ride this time but there was 400 people attending this summer ball and for the entertainment they had the some guys from the sea cadets that was helping out also some Shanty singers and myself accompanied by my friend in magic, Nathan Crowle. Everyone at the venue was great and I have had Several bookings from some of the guests that saw me.

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