Ed Clarke Magician – My time in Las Vegas

Well Just finished the Christmas season and had a blast performing at lots of Christmas work do’s. Decided to Switch from being the entertainer to the one being entertained, and where better than Las Vegas.

Had a great time last year and managed to get on one of the local TV stations out there. This time I wanted to see some shows and really get a feel of what Vegas has to offer.

So to start the journey off we stayed at Hooters Casino as they have a great restaurant and a fab swimming pool with jacuzzi. We got picked up from the airport by a good friend who happens to be a magician also that I met here last year – Chris Workman.

For the first few days we decided to hit some of the local bars and clubs and then later in the week get to see some entertainers that I have always wanted to see.

1st show – Penn and Teller live at the Rio, Absolutely amazing. They are such good performers that even had me and Chris fooled,

as a lot of there work is aimed at making a magician think that we know what is going on and then they completely flip it so that we are left with nothing but 2 things, Jack and Shit… And Jack left town. Great show and I highly recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to see them.

2nd show – The Amazing Jonathan, This is one of my idols as he is the funniest Magician that I know that does pretty much ‘no

magic‘. He is just a fantastic talented entertainer. I am always working on getting the comedy in my parlour show as good as his. Again if you get out to Vegas he performs at the Harmon Theatre and I strongly recommend checking his show out.

I then saw a comedy show in Hooters that was kind of a cabaret show. The setting was a alley out side of a pub where the staff were on a break telling one liners and jokes that they knew. Sounds quite dull however it was very entertaining.

I finally went back to the Harmon Theatre to check out a Hypnosis show and to be totally honest I was very disappointed. I have spent a

large part of my life studying Hypnosis and have hypnotised many people to know that the induction that the stage hypnotist used would not work and he was merely using stooges . I left half way through the show.

To cut this adventure short I went out to some fantastic venues got to see some great entertainers and I was checking my bankroll out to see how much I had left as it was my last night in Vegas, I had $100 left… So I did what most people do in Vegas, hit the poker tables. After about 3 hours playing poker and way too much al-co-ma-hol. I looked at my chip stack and realised I had climbed up to over $1000. I even made a straight flush which was a first for me. Quite funny as the dealer knew I was a Magician and they had to check the cameras to see if I had been cheating. I actually walked away up – what a concept

I look forward to going out there again soon and will be accepting some of the work offers at the Casinos and Theatres.

Here is a short clip of a few bits and pieces I was messing around with on the streets

[flv:vegas.flv 500 300]

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