Corporate Magician

Sometimes it takes a little magic to get ahead. In today’s competitive business world, companies realize that no single marketing strategy is enough to stay ahead of the pack. When it comes to hiring a corporate entertainer for a business function, companies know they must take every opportunity to impress, to do whatever they can to stay ahead of the pack.

Corporate magician Ed Clarke can provide entertainment for your business function that will leave all the guests talking about your business for weeks to come. As a highly-professional table magician, Ed Clarke brings the “Wow” factor to company parties. Strolling among tables at a party or reception, Mr. Clarke engages guests with fun and good humor, never making them feel foolish, but instead delighting them with magical effects that prompt the inevitable question, “How’d he do that?”

A corporate magician who is adept at interacting on a personal level, Ed Clarke is well-versed in “close-up magic.” The most effective component of close-up magic is its versatility. Instead of relying on large props, specialised equipment, time consuming set-ups, and elaborate tricks to impress, as a table magician, Mr. Clarke uses the flexibility of close-up magic to use everyday objects – some borrowed from the spectators themselves – to connect with guests on a personal level. When guests become participants, they become part of the magic, prompting gasps and laughs of delight.

Personality is paramount when choosing a professional magician for corporate entertainment. In addition to being able to perform magical effects with ease, skill and professionalism, a corporate entertainer must be personable, able to put guests at ease. Ed Clarke’s relaxed and good-humoured personality makes him especially well-suited for intimate yet professional settings. Mr. Clarke is adept at discerning which guests will most enjoy interacting with his magical effects, and at bypassing those who might prefer to remain spectators.

Mr. Clarke’s performance employs a combination of card, coin and mindreading effects that are certain to become the subject of conversation at any business event, allowing guests to relax and to comfortably enjoy the party. Experienced in performing at a variety of business receptions, trade shows, conventions and parties, corporate entertainment by Ed Clarke is guaranteed to be a magical and memorable experience.