Christmas Party Ideas

Holiday parties are meant to be festive occasions, times for friends and family to gather round to celebrate the season, but sometimes holiday pressures – running errands, purchasing gifts, decorating – can take the joy out of the party. Coming up with new Christmas party ideas can seem like just another chore that needs to be done. Yet while the established traditions of the holidays are comforting in their familiarity, many long for some new kind of entertainment that will energize the festivities, without adding to the stress of hosting a holiday party.

For Christmas party ideas that will enchant all your guests, and make it easier for you to enjoy the party, too, consider a professional magician, one experienced in entertaining in intimate settings like holiday parties. Professional magician Ed Clarke specialises in “close-up” magic, a variety of magic that relies on person to person encounters rather than elaborate props. Mr. Clarke performs sleight-of-hand illusions that are all the more baffling because they take place right before a spectator’s eyes.

Ed Clarke’s magical effects and mind-reading illusions excite and invigorate parties, providing just the right amount of merriment to a Christmas party. When coins and playing cards seem to disappear or transform themselves in the blink of an eye, guests can’t help but gasp in astonishment and laugh with delight.

Ed Clarke’s personal charm is well suited to close-up magic, congenially drawing people out, engaging them to be part of the illusions, but also recognising when guests prefer to remain as onlookers. The result is a party where all guests feel comfortable and at ease, free to enjoy the magic as much as they wish. Conversation never lags when the illusions of Ed Clarke are part of the party – guests with be chatting about magic all evening long.

When Christmas parties have become a little too ho-hum, add a little magic back into the holidays, with professional illusions by magician Ed Clarke.