Magician Ed Clarke – LA, RENO & Las Vegas

I was on tour in America visiting Los Angeles, Reno and Las Vegas performing magic and meeting people. On my journey in Reno the local news station asked him to make an appearance on Kolo8′s morning show. Just before I went on they informed me it will be live and in front of 250,000 viewers. It is safe to say I was a bit nervous and curious as to whether or not Americans would enjoy my British humour.
They got me on the station 3 times during the morning show, here is that footage…


  1. Julia Wren-Hilton says

    Hi there Ed.

    You travelled up to Gloucestershire for mine and Martin’s wedding in June 2008 and everyone loved your card tricks. We even had some photos taken with you outside and you feature in our wedding album!

    Anyway, usual last-minute stuff here, but wondered if you were free on 30th May (bank hol Mon). It’s my birthday that day and I’m having a party picnic on Boscawen Fields (dog free area), which is the first field you come to if you go down Boscawen Road (that’s the road next to the tennis courts at Gylly). It’ll be from 2pm, prob till about 7. Weather supposed to be okay, but if not we’ll be havcin the get together at our house (28 Arwenack Ave).

    Hope all well with you – looks like you’re doing great! Do you do juggling too? I notice that you do balloon and other tricks as well as cards. If you don’t do juggling, could I trouble you to let us know if you have any contacts in that area?
    Julia x

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